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A group for virtual assistants to connect with one another and create community, ask for help, post job opportunities to help each other out, and share funny remote life stories.  The goal is for this to be an amazing group of people who encourage and support one another.

If you are a virtual assistant or striving to become one and need a hand, join us!


Want some free virtual assistant resources?

Happy to share some helpful goodies with you!

Here’s the deal though… I’m creating a FULL resource guide to help folks like yourself navigate the world of working remotely (there will be a separate bundle just for VAs too!) and this guide is all in the works right now. The graphic designer is working on making it all pretty so, for now, these 2 documents I’m sharing with you are the quickly designed versions by me (so, not anywhere close to how pretty/awesome the ones by the designer will be). But, this will do for now and will give you the same content.

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    Want to get the Remote work guide?

    I’m spilling everything I’ve learned about going from a corporate job to being a freelancer/independent contractor. This isn’t just for VAs but anyone who wants to work remotely.

    I’m in the process of creating a FULL resource guide to help you learn the ropes to WORK FROM ANYWHERE. 

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    A few places we’ve been able to work from…


    Train trip - Denver to San Francisco

    Puerto Rico

    Union Station

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