Virtual Assistant Resources

Since we’re able to work remotely, Chelsea has created an entire business around this where she helps entrepreneurs and freelancers create efficient businesses so they can create the life they desire on their own terms. She helps people step into a life of remote work and provides a bunch of tips, resources, and advice. To find out more about that, check out her website and snag some freebies.

Want to join the Work From Anywhere Facebook Community group?

A group for remote workers to connect with one another and create community, ask for help, post job opportunities to help each other out, and share funny remote life stories.  The goal is for this to be an amazing group of people who encourage and support one another.

If you are a remote worker or striving to become one and need a hand, join us!


A few places we’ve been able to work from…


Train trip - Denver to San Francisco

Puerto Rico

Union Station

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