Tim Horton's (Banff, Canada)

Tim Horton’s (Banff, Canada)

We visited Banff, Canada last month and I was blown away by the beauty there. The mountains, lakes, and glaciers were all really incredible and I absolutely recommend you visit sometime if you can. Among the wonderful sites, I also made sure that I enhanced the visit by taking in the local fare – donuts of course. If you’ve ever been to Canada, you know that Tim Horton’s is all over the place – basically their McDonald’s except they serve up some really tasty donuts along with breakfast sandwiches and other goodies.

I’ve been to Canada a couple of other times before, but had never made it in to a Tim Horton’s. This time, I figured I’d do myself a favor, and you too (because I do this for the people) and try out what they had! For this round of donut reviews, I tried out their blueberry glazed, sour cream glazed, and boston cream.

Alright, I’m gonna start out with the best one – the blueberry glazed. This was a cake donut that had a really great blueberry flavor, yet wasn’t too sweet. If you like blueberry donuts, you won’t be let down by this one. Truly, this was perhaps one of my favorite blueberry donuts I’ve had so far.

Moving on, the sour cream glazed was really solid. I’m a big fan of this kind of donut and this guy didn’t let me down. Overall, this and the blueberry donut really gave me some confidence in Tim Horton’s knowing what they’re doing when it comes to donuts.

Alright, so the boston cream was definitely my least favorite. I wouldn’t say it was a bad donut (are there such things?), but it just wasn’t great. It was pretty dry and the texture wasn’t on point. I told Chelsea that I think Dunkin has a better boston cream. If you tried one yourself, I’d bet you’d agree.

So I’m sure each Tim Horton’s will offer up a slightly different experience just like going to any other chain would. Along with the donuts, Chelsea and I did get a couple of their breakfast sandwiches while we were in Banff and we weren’t disappointed. All in all, I’d go back to one in a heartbeat for both the donuts (most likely the blueberry) and a breakfast sandwich.

Lastly, I think there’s something else worth mentioning – Chelsea and I went to BeaverTails while we were there and it was AMAZING. They serve up fried pastries with goodness on top and it will blow your mind. If you ever get a chance to go to one, do it! Or you can check them out onlineĀ here.