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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Have you ever been on an airplane when you have a cold? It’s the worst. Plus, it’s not healthy for anyone around you. A few years ago, I caught a cold the day before leaving Iceland (yes, yes, it is ironic) and that plane ride was so painful. I thought my eardrums were going to burst from the pressure and was holding back tears while trying to drink hot tea for my throat.


When you’re traveling and surrounded by a lot of people especially in the confined space of an airplane, you’re at higher risk for potentially catching something and getting sick. 


Throughout all of our travels, we generally stay pretty healthy. Maybe it’s just that we have good immune systems, but we also do a little prep work to help.



TAKE VITAMIN C.   Every night before a travel day, we take this and also carry a couple of packets with us in our luggage.


CARRY WET WIPES.  I carry wet wipes with me in my airplane tote and wipe down anything that could potentially be unsanitary (e.g. trays on the airplane if I’m going to eat).


USE HAND SANITIZER.  I carry this kind with me all the time and put one in every bag (I like that it’s a spray, not a gel).


DRINK LOTS OF WATER.  It’s surprising how having plenty of water makes such a difference. This is my favorite water bottle


EAT WELL – as many greens and veggies as possible.  Don’t get me wrong, we eat the local fare and goodness when we travel (hello, we have a donut travel map soooo yeah…), but we also try to get in a lot of the green stuff too. What you put in your body does matter and will help you feel good.


PEPPERMINT OIL.  If I ever feel stuffy, I put a couple of drops of peppermint oil in the palm of my hand, rub them together, then cup it over my nose and breathe it in. It opens up my nasal passages and makes it so I can breathe again. (DO NOT DO THIS ON THE PLANE. Essential oils are super strong and you shouldn’t do this in such a tight, confined space). I also use the Fighting Five essential oil if we feel like we’re getting sick.


TAKE VITAMINS.  I think just taking vitamins, in general, has helped me a lot in not getting sick very often (esp while traveling). I get all my vitamins shipped monthly from Hum Nutrition. I’m a huge fan of Hum because each vitamin they sell actually explains what it’s for in an easy to understnd way (they also send freebies in every order, their packaging is on point, they provide a ton of helpful info, and they send me an email when a shipment is about to go out so I can adjust it if needed). See… huge fan! 

PS – If you want to get some yummy vitamins, GO HERE and use the code 14F75D to get $10 off your order.

I don’t drink Kombucha (just never got into it), but I’ve heard it can be helpful for your immune system and is good to drink before travel days. Again, I never tried it but have heard good things.



I’m also lucky enough to have a wonderful friend, Shelby, who is a registered dietitian (and spiritual coach and podcaster) who I asked what her top healthy eating travel tips are. Here’s what Shelby said…


∆ Plan ahead.  Maybe you are a huge gelato fan or are dying to try that wing place. Know what you want to splurge on ahead of time so you don’t find yourself eating fried food for a week straight and then come home feeling totally sluggish. Plan which meals will be splurges, which ones will be from a delicious, nourishing restaurant, or cook in your Airbnb.



∆ Bring Snacks. If you’ve ever found yourself swinging through a fast food restaurant because you’re starving and then all of a sudden find nothing else in sight, you can understand the importance of nourishing snacks! Pack them in your bag or stop at a grocery store when you land so you’re prepared when hunger strikes. Sometimes, I’ll replace a meal or two with fruit, nuts, RX bars, veggies, etc. to save a little money, load up on nutrients, and have room for my splurges.



∆ Choose Wisely.  When it comes to dining out, we can still make nourishing choices and trust me, you’ll enjoy your trip more if you’re feeling high energy from all the veggies, proteins, healthy fats and vibrant colors. Ditch the fried options & creamy dressings, opt for a glass of red wine over the piña colada, add a side of veggies, or better yet, choose the leafy green salad with protein. Often menus are posted online so you can check things out, plan ahead, and know what the nourishing options are before you arrive!

That’s all! If you have any tips for staying healthy when you travel, share it below!