Remote Work

How I got started working remotely…

If you’ve checked out the About Us page then you know Jeff and I left our corporate jobs in 2017 to work remotely and travel the world with our dog!

For 6 years I (Chelsea) worked a “normal” job in the corporate world and eventually realized I didn’t want my job (and my life) to revolve around an office building.

I used to work at Ramsey Solutions [Dave Ramsey’s company] where I served as the executive assistant to the Chief Digital Officer. I love the people, the mission, and serving others but I also have an extreme passion for traveling and wanted to be able to work from anywhere. I knew I could do my role remotely, so after some preparation, I took the leap and began working as a virtual assistant for entrepreneurs – anywhere in the world.

I later combined my skills with my passion for travel and started my own travel business with the goal to help people explore the world. I saw too many people only seeing the inside of offices and were too busy to plan trips for themselves so I was determined to help them.  It’s evident to me now that the 15 vacation days a year and cubicle life just weren’t meant for me.

It changes everything when your life doesn’t revolve around a building.

I help guide people into a life of remote work.

Leaving a corporate job to work remotely is difficult and comes with a lot of questions and uncertainty. I’ve been down this road so help people walk this path smoothly offering all the advice, tips, and guidance they’ll need.

I walk them through how to find a remote job, remote life tips, freelancer templates that’ll make your life easier, how to prepare for being a freelancer, helpful tech gear, etc.



I coach people who want to become a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistant is a broad term and there are many different levels based on your skills. Similar to remote workers, there are a ton of questions that come along with stepping into being a VA. I act as a coach and share how to find VA jobs, what skills to market, how to handle invoicing and payment, how to be paid (hourly, retainer, project), where to start as a VA, and lots more specific to VAs.

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Entrepreneurs usually have too much on their plate and feel overwhelmed.

I help match up entrepreneurs with amazing virtual assistants so they can delegate some work to them and get their life back.

I coach hundreds of virtual assistants which means I have access to a large pool of applicants. I’ve been working with entrepreneurs for years so I know the right questions to ask and how to find them a VA that lines up well with their expectations with the skills needed. You can’t do absolutely everything in your business or you’d never stop working and let’s be honest wouldn’t it be nice to hand off some of the things you aren’t good at to someone who is?

It’s a beautiful thing when everyone works in their strengths.

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