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  • Google Maps – A big favorite. This isn’t just an ordinary map. You can do so much with it like create layers such as things to do, places to eat, or even organize it by each day of your trip. It even has offline capabilities which is a huge win for going abroad.
  • Evernote – I love this tool. It keeps all your various notes and ideas in one place that you can access on the web or your phone anywhere.
  • TripIt – Keeps all your tickets/reservations and confirmations (flights, hotels, etc) in one spot that’s very useful on the go. I use this to stay organized when I’m traveling around the states.
  • Google Trips – Keeps tickets/reservations in one place like TripIt, user-friendly, and visually appealing. It pulls all the info automatically from your email. Great offline capabilities. I use this tool when going abroad.   (Truly though, I really wish this and TripIt would join forces for 1 awesome planning tool.)


  • Google Flights – The best airline flight search that helps you compare airfares from multiple airlines. It even groups by the best flight options with time and cost which is fantastic. There’s an ‘explore destinations’ feature too if you wanted to find somewhere to go on a budget and the calendar can help you chose days to fly that are cheaper.  (Note: Southwest Airlines is listed at the bottom and only shows time but no cost so just click that option to open up another tab where the cost will show up)
  • Momondo – Shows cheap flights and also has a trip finder that’s fun
  • Secret Flying – Emails you random cheap and secret flight deals that are found around the world. This where I find out about the cheapest flights and you usually have to book within a couple days.
  • Air Wander – Shows you how to find free multi-day stopovers
  • Rome 2 Rio – Shows you how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry and car. If you’re not sure how to get somewhere, use this tool first
  • Wanderu – A simple way to book train and buses around the world
  • Amtrak – Trains around the USA. If I know I’m taking a train in the states, I look usually go straight to Amtrak
  • Rail Europe – Travel by train in Europe
  • Seat Guru – Allows you to know the amenities of every plane. I check this when narrowing down my flight options so I don’t end up on a long plane ride with small seats when I could have paid just a little more for a more comfortable ride
  • Flight Aware – Allows you to see any flight or airport delays going on
  • Gas Buddy – Excellent for calculating gas cost when taking a road trip and even finding the cheapest gas stations along your route


  • Airbnb – Find lodging by locals (private rooms or an entire place)
  • Booking.com – Fantastic for finding the absolute best hotel rates and very user-friendly. The one-stop site I go to if I want to book a hotel/resort. (Use THIS link to get $25 off your booking.)
  • VRBO – Basically, the older version of Airbnb but sometimes you can find great places that aren’t listed on Airbnb
  • Hostel World – Hostels aren’t as scary as you may have seen in a movie. Some even have individual rooms similar to a hotel. Just be smart and look at ratings/reviews. This is the best site for searching for hostels. More popular in Europe
  • Glamping Hub – Unique lodging options (yurts, tree houses, cabins)
  • Cabin Escapes – Another site that shows unique cabins around the world
  • Getaway – Cabins outside some major cities for people to simply unplug. (Get $25 using this link)
  • Marriott Villas – This is the hotel chain’s version of Airbnb
  • Nat Geo Lodges – Unique lodges around the world by National Geographic
  • Selina – Specifically created for digital nomads, they have combined lodging and coworking spaces all around the world
  • The Dyrt –  Helps you find campgrounds. I like to check this one or Reserve America then see what it looks like on the site below. Make sure you check out the ‘magazine’ section which has a lot of helpful camping/outdoor articles too
  • Reserve America – Great resources for finding campgrounds. Look here or at The Dyrt then check out photos from the site below.
  • Campground Views – Helps you find campgrounds and see what they look like for real
  • Free Campsites – This site is how we find free/dispersed camping sites


  • Venmo – Fantastic for sharing payments with friends if you’re traveling together and splitting things. There are other ones like Cash, Google Wallet, and all that but I personally trust Venmo
  • EveryDollar – Used for budgeting. Excellent for use in daily life but also a great tool to help you save up for a trip by creating a travel ‘fund’


  • Last Pass – Keeps all your passwords and secure notes (banking info, health docs, passport numbers and drivers license, etc) safely in one location. I take photos of each thing and keep it in my Last Pass account which can be accessed on the web or my phone. This is secure and password protected. I do this in case my wallet/phone are stolen then I at least have proof of who I am and my info and can print it off.



My favorite places to research unique travel experiences.


  • On The Grid – For travel guides of various cities created by locals
  • Get Your Guide – Book things to do and guides all around the world
  • Airline Baggage Costs – Know the baggage fees of most airlines and keep them all handy with this website
  • CIBT – Helps you determine if you need a visa for where you’re going
  • Bring Fido – Helps you find pet-friendly places around the world (destinations, hotel, restaurants, etc)
  • Pet Friendly Travel – Find out where all the pet relief areas are in airports around the states

If you want to find out more about a location you’re considering going or get travel inspiration, you can find my favorite and trusted travel sites HERE.