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Gourdough’s (Austin, TX)

Anyone who knows me, is aware that I’m a Texan. I talk (brag) about it maybe a little too often… just ask Chelsea. My parents still live in Austin, so we go down there fairly often, and when we do, we make sure to hit up some of my favorite places to eat.

When we were there last, I made sure to check out a donut place for all you wonderful people who read these reviews. So never forget, this is all for you 😉

So… up for review today – Gourdough’s!

Gourdough’s has two locations which are quite different from each other. They have their Public House (think full restaurant) on South Lamar and an Airstream trailer (which is where I went) on South First. The trailer sticks to donuts only.

No joke, this is one of the absolute best donuts I’ve ever had. It’s simple yet so, so good. The Naughty and Nice is a plain donut covered in cinnamon sugar served with a side of warm honey butter. Sometimes, the best things in life are the simple things.

Yep, that’s actually what it’s called. Eating this definitely requires the use of a fork. I thought that there was too much icing, but if you’re into that, then this might be right one for you. Overall, this is a solid choice from the menu.

So I really enjoyed this one. I personally like cinnamon a lot, so this was an easy choice when looking at the menu. It’s got a crispy outer layer, with a soft inner texture covered in cream cheese icing, and topped with cinnamon sugar butter. This one was great.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of peanut butter on a donut, but this is really good. If all things peanut butter is right up your alley, this is absolutely the donut for you. This guy has peanut butter icing, grape jelly filling, and is topped with peanut butter morsels.

If you’re ever in Austin, you’ve got to try Gourdough’s Donuts. This place seriously has some of the best donuts we’ve ever had. I’ve only tried four of the items from the menu, but I’ll be sure to try more next time I’m in town. I probably won’t be disappointed and I don’t think you will either.

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