Bob's Donuts (San Francisco, CA)

Bob’s Donuts (San Francisco, CA)

Chelsea and I went to visit San Francisco in May and got to experience the sights, sounds, and yes of course, the donuts too! I had heard about Bob’s and read some really great reviews. Honestly, there was a lot it had to live up to, but after visiting, I’m really glad we stopped in.

The place is located in the Nob Hill / Polk Gulch area of town and as you can see by the photos, is quite un-assuming. Here, you won’t find any flashy signs or neon lights. They let the donuts do the talking – and boy do they say some wonderful things.

Walking in, the place is tight and cramped, but filled with the smells of a rich history of donut goodness. This place is great. Do yourself a favor and go visit.

When walking into a new donut shop, you never know what they specialize in. The best you can sometimes do is just read Google and Yelp reviews to see what people have commented is the best thing to order. One donut that did pop up on more than one review was their original glazed donut. So when we walked in, that one in particular was on my mind. When we got to the counter, I asked for their four best donuts. Without hesitation, the woman grabbed us their glazed donut, their apple fritter, the buttermilk, and the crumb donut.

So this was, by far, my favorite donut that I ate at Bob’s. It was hot and amazing. Overall, good sweetness but not too sweet. I understand why this one kept showing up when reading reviews about this place. In my opinion, this was their best donut. Get it!

This crumb donut was one of the better ones I’ve had before. It’s an all-around really solid choice. This cake donut even had a slight taste of cinnamon to it. Not sure if it was supposed to or if my taste buds were doing something weird, but it really worked. If you like crumb donuts, this one’s for you!

I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed with this one. It looked really, really promising and it smelled AMAZING too. It had a really great, buttery flavor, but ended up being pretty dry. Dunking this in coffee would have improved it – if you’re into that kinda thing.

This donut was talked highly of by the person behind the counter that got it for me. Like the previous one, it ended up being quite dry. That’s a shame because it really seemed like it had a lot of potential. With apple pieces all inside it, I expected to be better than it ended up.

Overall, Bob’s was a great experience. That glazed donut will be haunting my dreams for awhile. One slightly disappointing thing about the donuts was the fact that the cake ones were a bit dry. To give Bob’s the benefit of the doubt, it’s most likely due to the fact that we went in the afternoon and not the morning when they would have been freshest. The fact that the glazed donut was my favorite and it, compared to all the others, was freshest may mean that these all would/could have been truly amazing. If any of you go visit San Francisco, try these out and comment on them below. I’d love to hear what you think!