About Us

Hi! We’re Jeff and Chelsea Brinkley and we left our corporate lives in 2017 to work remotely and travel the world while bringing our dog, Leon, along for the journey. He pretty much goes everywhere with us.


While we LOVE to travel the world, we still like to have a home base. For us, this is in Denver, Colorado where we’re working on building a little house in the mountains. Less home means more experiences… Which we’re pretty stoked about.


Chelsea also plans trips for others to make it easier for them to travel. You can find out more about that over here. For free guides, travel tips, and to read/watch some of our adventures around the world (and cute photos of Leon) you can go here.

Meet Chelsea:  a travel planner, storyteller, and virtual assistant (which means various things) to busy entrepreneurs. A constant adventure-seeker passionate about culture, natural wonders of the world, and preferring off the beaten path experiences. She’s the organized one who likes to make all the plans.

Meet Jeff:  a musician that also has a nerdy side. His journey took him from audio engineering to electrical engineering and finally landing in software development. Jeff’s biggest role is putting all of Chelsea’s big ideas together and making them work.

Meet Leon:  he loves to chase his frisbee and eat as many sticks and leaves as possible. He won’t eat his food if we’re not all together and loves running around in the snow.

Want to learn more about our plans?