Month: January 2020

The Best Lodging Resources

There are a lot of websites and resources out there on the internet which is wonderful but also means it can be overwhelming and difficult to narrow down the best, reputable sites. So, I figured I’d share with you exactly which lodging websites I go to for us and my travel planning clients depending on the situation I’m looking for.


If we’re looking for a hotel or resort


Booking.com – Fantastic for finding the absolute best hotel rates and very user-friendly. The one-stop site I go to if I want to book a hotel/resort. 


If we’re looking for a house/villa


Airbnb – Find lodging by locals (shared rooms or entire places).

If you somehow don’t already have an Airbnb account, you can use this link to get up to $55 off your first booking.


Travel Keys – If you’re feeling fancy and looking for luxury villas around the world.


Marriott Villas – This is the Marriott hotel chain’s version of Airbnb.


Luxury Retreats – Another site for luxury house/villa rentals that has personal concierge services. Definitely a level up if you know what I mean haha


Cuvee – Fancy villas in a handful full of gorgeous vacation spots.

If we’re looking for budget-friendly and international

Hostel World – Hostels aren’t as scary as you may have seen in a movie. Some even have individual rooms similar to a hotel (they’re just pretty basic). Just be smart and look at ratings/reviews on this site. This is the best site for searching for hostels. 


Cheap Caribbean – If you’re wanting to go to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean on a budget, this is the site to browse.

If we’re looking for camping spots

The Dyrt –  Helps you find campgrounds. I like to check this one or Reserve America then see what it looks like for real on Campground View (below).


Reserve America – Great resources for finding campgrounds. 


Campground Views – Helps you see what campgrounds really look like (photos and videos) so you know what to expect.


Free Campsites  – This site is how we find free/dispersed camping sites around the US typically on BLM (bureau of land management) or public lands. Just make sure you leave no trace!

If we’re looking for a unique lodging experience 

Nat Geo Lodges – These are unique lodges around the world put together by Nat Geo. They’re for the explorers and more adventurous folks. 


Glamping Hub – Unique lodging options (yurts, treehouses, cabins) that are more budget-friendly.


Cabin Escapes – Cute and cozy cabins around the world.


Getaway – Cabins outside some major cities for people to simply “getaway” and unplug. (Get $25 using this link)

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