Month: December 2019

Gift Ideas for Frequent Travelers

As frequent travelers, we’ve learned the ropes on the items that simply make travel easier. If I were personally giving a loved one who is a fellow travel lover a gift, it would be something off this list below or this previous gift list.
A note: We have the quality over quantity mindset. And I only share products we’ve used and loved with hopes that it’s helpful for you.


I love these little trackers and we legit put them on almost everything! We put a tile tracker in our checked luggage (I keep one in my wallet too) so we always know where our stuff is. No losing our bags!
Get it here, starts at $25


Every traveler needs a portable battery charger. There are a lot of these out there on the market but finding a good one that’s powerful enough to hold a charge for a while, can charge your laptop and not only your phone (AC plug needed), is portable enough to go in your bag, and not be super heavy is more difficult than it should be. We use this one and it’s been perfect for us.
Get it here, $70


As a frequent traveler, it’s super important to have good bags. Ones that are durable, stylish and go with everything, and have tons of pockets for organization. The best ones I’ve found are the L&S. I also love that it’s a family owned business.
My favorites are the OG for a laptop/airplane tote/everything bag, the Weekender as a canvas weekend bag, the Hanover for a backpack, and the Pearl as a crossbody purse.
Get it here, Various prices


We’re so thankful Clear exists haha. It has made going through security at the airport a ton easier. Basically Clear is the level up above TSA Precheck. A lot of people have TSA Precheck now which means even those lines can be long but less people have Clear so you go straight to them and scan your fingerprints (no ID needed!) then off you go through security scan. We’ve never had to wait in line with Clear which is a big timesaver and worth it for us.
Get it here, $180   [use THIS LINK to get 2 months for FREE]


These little guys really do compress your clothing down and organize your bag making packing so much easier.
Get it here, $22


After our trips I used to never know what to do with our photos. I mean, after sharing them on social they just live in my Google Photos and I wanted a way to display them in our home. Realistically we don’t have enough wall space for each photo I love to be used (plus that gets pricey with frames), so we found a solution that works for us and now we make soft cover photo books of each of our trips. They’re affordable and so user-friendly to make. Make one for them or give a gift card so they can make their own.
Get it here, Price varies, starts at $25


Get a fun candle that smells like their favorite place or if they’re on the road a lot, their home.
Get it here, $30


Getaway has tiny cabins set up outside busy cities for folks to unplug. You can give someone a gift card to explore one of these places and unwind.
Get it here.


This may seem weird to be on the list but it’s one of the things I always travel with! A silk pillowcase is great for removing hair frizz and those pesky sleep lines on your face. It means I can get ready much faster in the morning if my hair isn’t a hot mess to have to fix (just dry shampoo and brush and I’m set!). I’ve been surprised at how much time this little pillowcase has saved me.
Get it here, $22


This little gadget is so handy for telling if our bag is overweight when packing and especially handy for world travelers who tend to be on many different airlines (who have different luggage weight requirements). It’s so lightweight and small that we keep it in our luggage and travel with it too.
Get it here, $11


We like traveling with sunglasses that we don’t have to worry about as much and we can take on our adventurous excursions. We have some nice Rayban sunglasses but don’t always like traveling with them and take our trusty Blenders with us on trips.
Get it here. Price varies, approximately $40


One of the struggles of traveling to multiple destinations or being on a long trip is packing clothing for everything! Well, most of my clothing is now Athleta because I can wear it for athletic  or adventurous activities but it also looks great as streetwear. I can basically wear it for multiple occasions, is SO comfy and cute, and I don’t hate that their clothing has a silver threading that removes any stink so you can get multiple wears out of it 🙂
Get it here.


You can’t go wrong here. Flight money is ALWAYS appreciated by frequent travelers! If you don’t know what airline they frequent the most, simply do a Visa gift card and make a note that it’s to cover their next flight.