Month: September 2019

Which Is Cheaper: Roundtrip Flight or Two One-Ways?

Have you ever wondered if it’s cheaper to book a roundtrip flight or two one-way tickets instead? Me too and so have many of my clients.


I decided to figure this out once and for all and do a bunch of mock flight bookings to see what the verdict was.


Turns out it is cheaper to book a roundtrip flight rather than two one-ways!


Each time I did the comparison, it was only about $20 more though. So, if flexibility is important to you and there’s a chance you may need to cancel or adjust the flight time for one leg of the trip – it’s way easier to book two one-way flights.


Why? If you book a roundtrip flight and need to make an adjustment for one leg of the trip, you can’t just do this on the airline website because it’ll cancel the entire trip, not just the one leg you intended.


Instead, you’ll need to call the airline to have them separate the trip into two one-way tickets then cancel or adjust the flight for one of them. Trust me, it’s more of a pain to do this and I’m betting your time is worth $20 to not have to deal with that issue.


Here are just a couple of the mock flight bookings I did to show you how a roundtrip flight is actually cheaper than two one-way tickets…

Roundtrip flight going from Denver to Calgary: 

TOTAL: $336


The one ways:

TOTAL: $148 + $208 = $356

Roundtrip flight going from Washington, DC to Portland, Maine:

 TOTAL: $430

The one ways:

TOTAL: $254 + $194 = $448

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