Month: February 2019

The Photo and Video Gear We Travel With

Neither Jeff or I would consider ourselves photographers or videographers. We’re travelers who take photos and videos to share our adventures. So, we don’t have the fancy cameras you’d expect those professionals would have. We’re just normal people who travel and this is what gear we take with us. I also don’t think you need the fanciest (i.e. most expensive) cameras to take incredible shots. Okay, now that’s out of the way and you understand where we’re coming from, this is what gear I pack for us!

1. Tripod for iPhone

This is pretty cheap on Amazon and it’s been really great. We use it along with the Bluetooth remote it comes with to put my iPhone in and take shots of all 3 of us. Also great for time-lapse shots. 
You can get it here.

2. DJI Mavic Air

This drone is the priciest thing on this list and we absolutely love it. It’s so much fun to fly around and get those new perspective aerial shots.  We got ours at Best Buy but you may be able to get it cheaper at Costco.

3. GoPro Hero 6

We use this for more of the adventurous things we do. So, anytime we wouldn’t want to take our phone for fear of it getting damaged (kayaking, zip lining, snorkeling, skiing, etc). It’s been incredible and is really durable.

4. GoPro Gimbal

We attach the GoPro to this gimbal and use it when we’re trying to take smooth video. It’s a stabilizer and makes the video look a million times better.
This is the one we have. No complaints.

5. Moment Lens Attachments

I use these lens attachments on my iPhone for both photos and videos. They’re incredible and while you can get cheap ones off Amazon, these Moment ones are for real the best. We have a wide lens (best for landscapes) and the macro lens (I don’t honestly use this one as much since we take a lot of landscape shots).
Get it here.

6. GoPro Mounts & Attachments

You can get a GoPro mounted on pretty much anything it seems. The mounts and attachments we have are for my ski helmet and this one ($10) to clip onto my backpack strap to get shots when we’re hiking or walking around a city (or really any other time I have my backpack on)

7. Rode Mic Me-L

This is a small microphone we attach to my iPhone in order to get better audio quality for any videos we do on our phones. It makes such a big difference having this mic and it’s also the easiest thing to use because you literally just plug it into your phone and it’s ready to go. 
It also comes with a windscreen (that big puff ball you see in the photo) which we use with it anytime we’re outside and recording. 
You can get this here.
And that’s all we take! Let me know if you have any questions at all or if there’s any photo/video gear you travel with that’s been helpful for you!