Month: December 2018

The Best Gifts for Travelers

We’re 1 week out from Christmas! You may be scrambling to find that perfect present for everyone on your list and I’ll admit that travelers can be difficult to find gifts for. Whatever type of traveler is on your list, hopefully, you can find something on here or last year’s traveler gift guide for your world wanderer.

  • National Parks Pass

If you have an outdoorsy traveler on your list who enjoys exploring the National Parks, I’m sure they’ll enjoy this annual pass rather than paying $25-$30 for each visit.

Get it HERE, $80

  • GoPro Hero 7

This one is for the adventure travelers out there. We have the Hero 6 (before the 7 came out) and take it on absolutely every trip. It’s honestly a bit pricey but I feel like it’s been so worth it to be able to take it everywhere. It’s surprisingly durable and the 7 is even waterproof (so yes, you can get footage of your underwater adventures!). You could get an older model so it’s cheaper BUT this is one of those things that you want to have the latest model because they improve each one drastically. It’d be like getting an iPhone 7 when the 10 is out.

Get it HERE, $394

  • RFID Blocking travel wallet

This is the best travel wallet I’ve seen out there and trust me when I say I’ve scoured the internet! I’m also picky so you can trust that if I mention something, it’s good and this wallet is good. I like that it’s got the RFID blocking built in, it can hold your boarding passes, cash, passport, and cards all organized neatly. And hey, it’s pretty cheap which is nice too!

Get it HERE, $14

  • cable organizer

Having a good cable organizer is key and will eliminate a lot of stress if you’re not pulling a handful of cables from your bag trying to figure out which one goes to what. That stresses me out even thinking about it!

Get it HERE, $20

  • Artifact Uprising photo book

You’ve probably noticed that the travelers in your life like to share their travel photos. They usually do this online somewhere on social media and also keep a hard drive full of photos fro their trips but it’s also so nice to have your photos printed and out in real life. This company makes creating a photo book so easy and the quality is superb. We have a couple in our home and love them as coffee table books.

Get it HERE, Price varies $15-$150

  • Hydro Flask

Having a water bottle handy and staying hydrated is important during travel. It also saves a good bit of money rather than buying a bottle often. I’m recently obsessed with these water bottles and again, I’m picky so you know it’s a good one.

Get it HERE, $45

  • Airbnb gift card

This is a fail-safe idea because pretty much every traveler uses or could use Airbnb.

Get it HERE, $25-$100

  • Rosetta Stone

If your traveler wants to be immersed in a culture they may love to learn a new language. It’s definitely on my list!

Get it HERE, $119 (on sale right now for 60% off as of 12/18/18)

  • Comfy Slippers

I love having the comfort of nice slippers wherever we are. These are fantastic quality and can easily be packed in a carry on suitcase.

Get it HERE, $80 (make sure to sign up for their email ist to get 15% off your order)

  • Skyroam solis wifi

These days, being connected to wifi is important (especially if you’re a remote worker like us!). We try to always book lodging that has WiFi but that can’t always be guaranteed and sometimes you may be in a location that doesn’t have it sooo this little gadget to the rescue! It allows you to travel the world with super fast mobile WiFi connectivity and power for your gadgets.

Get it HERE, $150

  • Clear membership

CLEAR has made getting through airport security so much easier for us with WAY less hassle and it saves us time. It uses biometrics like your eyes and fingertips, instead of traditional ID documents. We love it and personally combine it with TSA Precheck as well which means we usually get through security in 5 min or less (#winning). Just make sure they have it at your traveler’s main airport first.

Get it HERE or if you want to try it first, you can use my referral code to get 2 months free to try it out for yourself.

$180 plus $50 to add a family member.

  • Compression socks

If you’re on long flights, compression socks can help prevent blot clots. It’s difficult to find compression socks that actually look good too but I recently discovered this company that does them well and these are now on my list too.

Get it HERE, starting at $18

  • Try The world subscription box

I’m not a big fan of subscription boxes because as fun as they are in the moment it seems like they can be a waste of money but this is a box I can get behind. It’s a curated selection of gourmet foods from around the world that’s sent to you every month.

Get it HERE, $20-40

  • Foil-Pressed Maps

Know their favorite place? Get it as a foil pressed art print! This is such a unique gift.

Get it HERE, Price varies (if you’re new to Minted, you can get 25% off your first order from the pop up on their website)

  • Trtl travel pillow

Alright, there are a ton of travel pillows to choose from and everyone likes different ones but I’ve heard a lot of great things about this one from travelers I trust and who are picky like me too 🙂 I also like that this folds up small and can be put in your airplane tote rather than hanging off if you wanted.

Get it HERE, $30

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you out! What are some of your favorite gift ideas for travelers or that you’ve received yourself?