Month: August 2017

6 Things I Never Travel Without

There are obvious things to take when you travel, but these are the items that may seem a little strange (until you hear the completely rational reasons) or never thought to bring until now.

  1. Coffee Packets

    • I need caffeine to function. That may not be the healthiest thing, but it’s just the truth. I always put a box of these (or generic kind from Target) in my bag, grab a cup of hot water on the go, add my coffee packet, and boom… instant coffee and I’m awake again. There’s even an iced coffee version!
  2. Dryer sheets

    • I put a few of them in my luggage between clothing stacks and it really helps keep your clothes smelling fresh.
  3. Silk pillowcase

    • I love my silk pillowcase! Y’all, I no longer wake up with my hair tangled and a hot mess from rolling around in my sleep. This means a little dry shampoo plus straightening some pieces and I’m usually good to go. Also, if you’ve ever woken up with lines on your face from sleeping, you’ll find this won’t happen with a silk pillowcase.  It’s magic. There are lots of different options, and some of them are quite pricey – I got one from Amazon for $20 and it’s fantastic.
  4. Travel candle (and matches)

    • You never know if wherever you’re lodging will have a funky odor or previous tenants that smoked in the room (even if they weren’t supposed to), so having your own preferred scent you’ve taken with you comes in handy. Even if your hotel or Airbnb smells just fine, I like having a candle lit because it gives a cozy home-like atmosphere.
  5. Blanket scarf

    • I’m always cold. In fact, Jeff calls me “ice hands”! So, I always take this blanket scarf with me because it can be worn SO many ways (scarf, shawl, vest) and it even folds out to be a mini-blanket.
  6. Photography Lenses

    • I love taking photos of my travels and pretty much never go anywhere without my Moment photography lenses which attach to my phone. I keep them in a small kit that I just pop into my bag where they’re always accessible.

What are some things you’d never travel without? Share in the comments below!