Month: June 2017

Nashville Travel Guide

Nashville is a popular city and lately has been featured in several lists of “best cities to live” and that sort of thing. There are TONS of people who come to visit this amazing city (13.9 MILLION in 2016) and it seems they always do the same touristy things…. like they all read the same list of to-dos or something. I’ve lived here for 7 years and I feel like they’re missing out on SO MUCH goodness this city has to offer, so I decided to write my own Nashville Travel Guide.

There’s 2 things you’ll find here:

  1.  A (FREE) downloadable PDF version
  2.  A map version (you can use on-the-go on your phone too)







To take the map with you on your phone while you’re out and about in Nashville, here’s what you do:

  • Open this page on your phone in Chrome or Safari
  • On the map, click the button on the top right that has the 4 corners (view larger button)
  • This will open in Google Maps (yay!) – make sure you’re signed in to your Google account
  • You can click “view map legend” at the bottom and toggle whatever areas you’d like off or on (cool, right?)
  • Then click the back arrow on the top left to return to the map
  • If you want to adjust the areas to view, click the 3 horizontal lines icon (the hamburger) in the upper left corner then click the “i” next to the guide.  Make sure to click the back arrow button instead of the “close” button when finished
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