Month: January 2017

Packing Made Easy Using iPhone Photo Albums

The evening before any trip we take, I do my normal packing routine which is a twist on how most people pack. I thought I would share it in hopes that it’s helpful for some of you and that it saves you time and money like it does for me.


It saves me time not when I’m packing (it actually makes packing take a little longer) but when I’m on a trip it takes way less time for me to get ready which is so worth it! It saves money because instead of just throwing a bunch of clothes in my suitcase and having to check my bag (hello, $25 fee), I can usually get away with taking only a carry-on bag.


This packing routine of mine (I need a fun name for it) makes it ridiculously easy and efficient when I’m on a trip. I realized a bit ago I would over-pack on clothing and would open up my bag and take far too long to put an outfit together based on what I brought. So, I decided to use the iPhone photo stream with its offline capability to my advantage. It’s made every trip since less stressful in the morning and I feel more confident too in my outfits and knowing what’s in my bag.



  1. Choose my outfits I’m going to wear on my trip (I try to layer and reuse articles of clothing for several outfits)
  2. Lay it on the ground/bed and take an individual photo of each outfit
    • I include shoes, any accessories or outerwear, and sometimes jewelry
  3. Optional: Use the Word Swag app to add text to a photo so you can easily identify what type of outfit it is (Casual, Athletic, Dressy are my most common)
  4. Create a photo stream (via iPhone) and add your outfit photos you just took to it
    • Open your iPhone photos app > tap ‘shared’ at the bottom of the screen > tap the ‘+’ in the top left > name it and click next > tap ‘create’
    • Click on that photo stream you just created and begin adding the photos of your outfits
  5. You’re done!
    • Now, you know exactly what to pack
    • When you’re traveling and go to get dressed just open up your photo stream to choose which outfit you want to wear and pull that out of your bag
Image by @mindymaesmarket
Image by @mindymaesmarket
Image by @mindymaesmarket
Image by @mindymaesmarket