About Us

OH, HEY THERE! We’re Jeff and Chelsea Brinkley and we left our corporate lives to pursue the digital nomad lifestyle while bringing our teddy bear dog, Leon, along for the journey.

While we love to travel the world, we still want to have a home base. For us, this means moving from Nashville, TN to Denver, CO where we could build our tiny house in the foothills. Less home means more experiences… Which we’re pretty stoked about.

___ ___ ___


Meet Chelsea:  She’s a virtual assistant that also runs her own travel business (a.k.a. lady boss) – a constant adventure-seeker who loves to explore the world and help others do the same. She’s the organized one who likes to make all the plans.


Meet Jeff:  He’s a musician that also has a nerdy side. Moving from audio engineering to electrical engineering and finally landing in software development, he is always looking for something new to learn. Jeff’s biggest role is putting all of Chelsea’s big ideas together and making them work.


Meet Leon:  He loves to run around and chase his frisbee while eating as many sticks and leaves as possible. He won’t eat his food if we’re not all together and wants to be around mom and dad all the time. Smelling all the things is at the top of his bucket list.

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